Readings in the Shed

Readings in the shed completed three years of performing stories on 23rd April 2021. Under normal circumstances the celebrations would involve theatrical performances of birthday stories. Actors would perform, and audiences would fill the seats. The pandemic and the restrictions that accompany it, stopped the stories from making it to the stage. But stories travel, in one form or another. Thus, they took the form of a book that might quietly travel and reach the stage of the reader’s mind where the performances may continue. The stories in this anthology are varied in theme, setting and concept. Nikhil Katara’s Pride, set in the wild narrates the story of an aging lion. While his O2 explores the implication of choices especially in difficult times. Himali Kothari’s Coming of Age is the story of Pushpa who has lived her life in the hope that her birth may have been of value. The Birthday Stories is a story of friendship and acceptance.



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