A man comes to Germany.He’s been away for a long time, this man. A very long time.Perhaps too long. And he returns quite different from what he was when he went away. Outwardly he is a near relation of those figures which stand in fields to scare birds-and sometimes in the evening, people too.Inwardly -the same. He has waited outside in the cold for a thousand days. And as entrance fee he’s paid with his knee-cap. And after waiting outside in the cold for a thousand nights, he actually finally–comes home.A man comes to Germany.And there he sees a quite fantastic film. He has to pinch his arm several times during the performance, for he doesn’t know whether he’s waking or sleeping. But then he sees to right and left of him other people all having the same experience. So he thinks that it must indeed be true. And when at the end he’s standing in the street again with empty stomach and cold feet, he realizes that it was really a perfectly ordinary everyday film, a perfectly ordinary film. About a man who comes to Germany, one of the many. One of the many who comes home -and then don’t come home, because there’s no home there for them anymore. And their home is outside the door. Their Germany is outside in the rain at night in the street. That’s their Germany.

Wolfgang Borchert- The Man Outside- A Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai presentation- Readings in the shed Chapter XXII

Creative Editor: Himali Kothari

Cast : Amey Mehta, Dheer Hira, Zoya Khan,

Preeti Rao, Monica Mahendru, Advait Kottary

Production: Eena Khara

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