Readings in the Shed is a small initiative with a big heart. We plan to showcase a new performance every month and build a community that is in love with the written word. Besides your encouragement as our audience, we would also appreciate your support to help stage our monthly event. Here are some of the ways you can engage with Readings in the Shed:

Funding / Sponsorship 

Connect us to potential sponsors 

Loan us your expertise

Honorarium for the artists 

Introduction to artists 

Media connections

You could also be a ‘shed’. If you have the space to host a reading, do let us know, we will bring the text. In case you want a special chapter in your ‘Shed’, tell us, we’ll give you a nice discount. 

If you would like to extend your support to Readings in the Shed, please email us on

Most importantly, please do talk about us. Tell your friends, post on social media, tag us…we love attention of all kind.

For updates on our events, please follow/like our FB page Readings in the Shed.

The ways are many, intention is what matters.