The Team


Nikhil Katara – The Founder & Artistic Director (Twitter: @ink_decoction)

As a writer he initiated his journey in the year 2011, with his own production titled “The Unveiling”, a science fiction drama. It won much appreciation for its scientism and philosophical themes. The play opened at the ‘Kala Ghoda Arts Festival’ and had an initial run of ten shows. To strengthen critical thinking he studied a Masters in Arts program in Philosophy at the Mumbai university with optionals in Kant, Greek Hellinistic Philosophy, Feminism, Logic and Existentialism. He also worked at Entertainment Bay, where he wrote a short play for ‘Pidilite’ that traveled to Delhi and Indore. He participated in the “Hard Places” young writers’ workshop by Rage productions where his play “In The Moment” won a critique by Mercury theatre (London) director Dave Norton. He conducts a reading club where writers, philosophers and directors in the city of Mumbai critique contemporary, original and classic plays on a weekly basis. He regularly writes book reviews and opinion articles in the One India One People magazine and is also working on his first novel. He was associated with the Free Press Journal for a few  yearsduring which he wrote book reviews for the newspaper. He wrote the play “Yatagarasu” which opened at the Prithvi theatre in June 2016 and then traveled to Chennai and Bengaluru for the ‘Hindu Fest’. He also is a consultant facilitator at J’s Paradigm, a novel performing arts institute for young performers.

Himali Kothari

Himali Kothari – The Creative Editor

After completing her MA in Advertising & Marketing from University of Leeds (UK) in 2001, she returned to India and worked as a freelance marketing consultant for a brief period. A just-for-fun enrolment in a Creative Writing Workshop reacquainted her with her childhood hobby of writing and propelled her into writing as a full-time profession. She has written on travel, business & finance, food, lifeatyle, design & architecture and general interest topics for print magazines and online portals. She has also donned the role of researcher and creative editor for non-fiction books. When she is not writing, she is talking about it in her creative writing workshop at Xavier’s Institute of Communication, Mumbai. She has developed a Writing Skills Lab for educational and corporate organisations to enable them to develop writing as a core skill amongst their personnel. What she treasures most about writing, is the opportunity to express herself without any interruptions.