Project 87

A project that started with a thought from playwright Ramu Ramanathan – We need awareness about all the writing that is emerging in different parts of the country in the past two decades. The idea is to celebrate playwriting at a time when there is a belief that playwrights are an extinct species.

Three months later. Three months of play lists that were filtered multiple times to arrive at 87 Indian plays in English, written in the past 20 years. These include plays that have won awards and accolades. Also plays that have wooed audiences plus work that has attempted to set playwriting standards.

Over the next three months, we will spotlight each play through our social media channels.

Please connect with us to learn more about Project 87.

Help us spread the good word!

Project Head- Himali Kothari

Mentor- Ramu Ramanathan

Research Assistants- Mary Jennifer George & Vipraa Vijaykar

Social Media Coordinates-

Facebook- Project 87_Theatre

Twitter- @Project87_plays

Instagram- project87_theatre

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