English Performed Reading

An NCPA Off-Stage Presentation
In collaboration with Readings in the Shed

At gunpoint, a young boy stands his ground against a team of British policemen. A teenage girl leads an army of women to claim the rightful spot for the tricolour. A young man defies authority and wilfully faces the consequences. Freedom carries images of faces wrinkled with wisdom, steadfast gazes of bespectacled eyes. But it also stands on the hope and fearlessness of smooth-faced youth with a vision beyond their years. This Independence Day, Readings in the Shed brings stories of young freedom fighters for whom age was just a number.

Directed by Nikhil Katara
Performers: Pavani Mishra, Samara Rathod, Abhir Suri & Dhruv Kapadia
Written by Himali Kothari
Soundscape artist: Ritesh Malaney

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