Readings in the Shed : Moot Court

A moot court tried Khushiya, the protagonist of Sadat Hasan Manto’s short story by the same name. An audience of 30-odd gathered in little boxes on screens across distances as the court came into session.
What was rooted in fiction, crossed a line into the real as each party passionately argued its point.
As the court was adjourned, questions raised through the mock trial hung in the air, compelling us to question and examine ourselves and our beliefs.
And therein lies the power of a story… no matter that it was written decades ago.

Judge – Monica Mahendru
Prosecution Lawyer – Himali Kothari
Defense Lawyer – Harsh Desai
Defendant – #NikhilMurali
Jury 1 – Priyanka Babbar
Jury 2 – Sharmeen Hakim
Jury 3 – Nishank Verma

Curated by: Nikhil Katara

#mootcourt #powerofstories #sadathasanmanto #shortstories #reading #bibliophilelife

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