Chapter XVII

For Chapter XVII : Summer of 69 , we are turning back 50 pages to the year 1969 to explore three events that exploded on the world scene. That year was a key juncture in the narrative of these three stories. Fifty years on their plots have intensified and turned these stories into proverbial page-turners.
Only the future can tell where they are headed. But a glimpse into the past will give us an insight into how they have travelled thus far.

Performed by: Asif Ali Beg, Amey Mehta , Keith Sequeira & #SalauatKaribayev
Creative Editor: Himali Kothari
Director: Nikhil Katara

Venue: Tata Gardens
Date: 30th November
Time: 6:30 pm
@ncpamumbai Add Art Festival presentation

#ncpaturns50 #ncpamumbai #readings #readingsintheshed #manonthemoon #lgbtqrights #jamshedbhabha #jrdtata #stories #read
Tickets available on via @BookMyShow

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