Chapter VII

48405676_10161266958820652_3509199661942439936_o.jpg48398182_10161266958410652_8942097231389917184_o.jpg48398182_10161266958410652_8942097231389917184_o (1).jpgThe Readings in the Shed Chapter VII- was the Holy Bible.

The Bible’s text is canonical in nature. It is a book that gives out rules for religion. But the way it gives out its rules is in the form of narrative, characters and setting. Hence it is not very different than other stories, myths and folk tales. That it originated in tribes showcases how those ancient thoughts gave rise to a whole new world. One cannot deny its huge influence on literature, cinema, music and art.

The reading on the 22nd of December was a quest to understand faith. When does a story leave the realm of imagination and turns to the realm of faith? When does a story become so real for people that they begin to believe its subtext and make it a reality.

It is true to say that much of the Bible’s sub text has had an influence on the world’s history and its geography, and still does.

It is a living document that proves the power of stories, and how seriously people take them.

Shed : Studio Tamaasha 

Readers:  Akshat Nigam and Rytasha Rathore.
Time: 7 pm on 22nd of December.
the holy bible.jpg 

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