Our Story

On the 20th of October Readings in the Shed completed its sixth chapter. Here is the story of all six beautiful texts that we read.
Here is to the many people who came together to tell these stories, and the many who came to listen to them.
Chapter 1- Chile
Aakash Prabhakar Abhinav Grover Gaurangi Dang – The Castiko Space
Chapter 2- Pakistan
Yuki Ellias Akshat Nigam – Si Bambai
Chapter 3 – Poland
Ramu Ramanathan – Studio Tamaasha St. Andrew’s Centre For Philosophy And Performing Arts
Chapter 4 – Great Britain
In Collaboration with Director’s Cut Theatre Company – Heather Ward
Writers- Julia Warren, Robert Connors, Grace Maxted, and Phil Ball
Jaimini Pathak Padma Damodaran Gavin Methalaka Akshat Nigam Radhika ChopraRohit Mehra Keith Sequeira – Si Bambai
Chapter 5 – Grand Trunk Road
Shruti Mishra Akshat nigam Eeshan Tripathi– Nikhil Katara- Taftoon Bar & Kitchen
(special thanks to Bhagi R )
Chapter 6 – Czech Republic
Asif Ali Beg Keith Sequeira– Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai (Special thanks to Jayashree Hari Joshi)

Readings in the Shed-

Creative Designer-Amrita Katara
Creative Editor – Himali Kothari
Curator – Nikhil Katara

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